From start to finish, we provide services for all phases of development


Overviewing Project Site





Expertise in Project Management Since 2003

Waterstone Project Management is a full-service firm with the capability to handle every aspect of your project from start to finish. No matter what a client needs, or a project’s challenges, we step in to manage it effectively. Our success comes from our multiple years of experience, our creativity, our extensive knowledge of multiple industries, and our understanding of both Canadian and Chinese markets.

Our team members provide focused attention so that every project is completed in a timely fashion, up to quality standards, and within budget. Every project has it’s own unique challenges, but we are confident in our ability to effectively manage any project or problem that comes our way.

Additional Services

Real Estate

Location and real estate play a big part in how well a project turns out post-construction. Waterstone Project Management has experience with the local real estate markets and is able to provide guidance on every aspect of finding the perfect location. Our real estate services include requisition feasibility, real estate market knowledge, leasing criteria & negotiation, and site analysis.

Budget Management

Budget management plays a vital role in the success of large-scale project developments. Waterstone provides clients with detailed budget estimations and analysis for every development stage of the project. We ensure the development is within budget during all phases of our client’s project, from ground up to completed construction.

Zoning, Permits, & Contracts

We are able to take care of any zoning and permitting that needs to be done. We make sure all required applications for necessary paperwork is completed on time so that there are no delays. Our team has extensive knowledge on what permits or construction contracts are necessary for each type of project.

If you would like to inquire about partnering with our team or to discuss upcoming projects, please feel free to contact us.